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"Know Thyself,  Conquer Ego, 
Thrive Abundantly More
with Pleasantly Less."

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  1. KNOW THYSELF - "Knowing Thyself Is The Foundamental Block Of Awarness For Thriving And Evolving. Revelations Of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, & WHY Have Been Systematically Buried. Dig Deep To Re-Capture These Truths. They Are... #INEFFABLE."
  2. GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT - "Spiritual Growth (Today) Requires The Audacity To Dismiss Any Desire To Be Popular. Conquer The Ego. With Such Intent, Detachment Is Facilitated. Inner-Stillness Is Achievable and Meditations Become Effective. #Transcendence."
  3. MORE BLISS WITH MUCH LESS - "We Have A Beautiful Capacity To Induce A State-of-Being Called Bliss. While Most Spend Their Life Suffering To Horde Possessions & Prostege, (Us) Who Are Awe-Inspired By The Wild Flower Value Connectedness. #Enlightened."


...and Researcher

R. L. Laster began implementing exegesis and hermeneutics at age 27.
 Although R. L. LASTER grew up as a Pentecostal musician, he has
dissolved religious conviction to dive deep into theology and its origins.
is his critical explanation and in-depth decyphering of ancient logograms
and esoteric transliterations of religious texts. His groundbreaking work will
transform the world. Laster insists that inner-alchemy (the transmutation
of consciousness) is vital to man-kinds spiritual prosperity.  His novel series
INEFFABLE is his latest project for assisting in such an eneavor. Albeit a challenging
task, writing a character-based novel series about the divine feminine for
women has always been one of his desires. He can usually be found contributing
to online forums about matters of existentialism, the expansion of consciousness,
spirit-sciences, esoteric  mysticism and parapsychology.When He's not spending
time at his writer’s desk, he's delighting himself under the tutelage of spiritual leaders,
practicing meditations, lucid dreaming, antiquing or playing piano.  
R. L. Laster resides in Honolulu, Hawaii.

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence...
…and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content. "
- Helen Keller

         "A skeptic could debate the relevancy of ancient teachings and practices in todays (life) application. To that skeptic, my answer is simple. Knowledge is necessary for growth. Knowing negates all understanding and growth. Truth seekers are encouraged to transcend dispensations and re-define their priority of achievements. Applying knowledge and wisdom from ancient cultures reveals paths to fulfillment that do not necessitate hoarding riches and resources. Transcendence requires a strong light-body. The MerKaBa requires enlightenment. Enlightenment requires meditations. Meditations require the intent to reconnect. Knowledge precedes this intent. Even now, my awareness comes from ancient motivators. In the midst of either of these spiritual achievements, life becomes abundantly blissful to the seeker who practices detachment from ego. This is because the seeker has also found the key to detaching from suffering. It’s amazing to suggest true deliverance from all suffering starts with ancient teachings for achieving eternal life. Not only is Gnosticism relevant today, but it’s absolutely essential for all future generations. I’m interested in self-realization, full disclosure and transcendence from the human body into the ether via its light-body/celestial body form. It is because if this that I can consider myself to be a gnostic. Gnosticism is about knowing. While FAITH helps people to endure, it's THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Knowledge is its foundation. 

         In 1945, a discovery was made in NAG HAMMADI, Egypt (in the QUMRAN CAVES located in the JUDAEAN desert/on the northern shore of the DEAD SEA). The discovery of the DEAD SEA scrolls are rewriting the history and destiny of humanity. These ancient scrolls offer a different telling of our origins. They speak of demonic-like forces that have exerted subtle influence over human civilizations since our inception. The Dead Sea scrolls were composed by Jewish mystics (Essenes) who claimed they were living among angels and had received information about human transformation into celestial beings. 

         Another big piece of what makes me who I am today is how I appreciate the power of lucid dreaming. It is my opinion that a lucid dreamer is the equivalent of a reader who’s read a million books. They experience just as much as the traveling trillionaire. Allow me to qualify this suggestion. Behind every sight, touch, smell, sound, taste and intent, a vibration is expressed within the experiencer. These ‘VIBRATIONS’ are not limited to the reality we call existence. Such vibrations also express themselves vividly through the dreamer. We can deduce that the lucid realm is a spiritual density-- where the same vibrations that qualify reality as real also exist.  

         It’s true that I’ve been a single, hopeless romantic since 2009. But I have to contend that my love-life has been as vivid as any other-- and pleasantly more vivid than most. Joseph (in Catholicism) was said to be a dreamer. The lucid realm offers its visitors so much. It gives host to communications with supreme beings. I shovels out-pouring’s of divine intelligence. It offers visions, experiences, destinations and so much more. When I was 28 years of age, I began realizing that not everyone dreams lucidly. I began realizing how special lucid dreamers are. There are very few distinctions between the lucid-dream realm and the reality we call existence. In lucid dreams, any desired details that are missing are conjured. But they’re not just conjured; they’re rendered as optimized for the full experience. For instance, a single kiss in the lucid state is repeated (in the dream) until the optimized sentiment has been made most vivid. Because of this; the emotions behind the kiss are deliberate. Sentiments are experienced as perfected sentiments in the lucid realm of the dreamer. For all intent and purposes, our lucid dreams are as real as reality. In many cases, they’re more real than reality. This is actually the understanding that motivated me to write INEFFABLE visionary book series for women. It’s all from my lucid realm. There were just too many contacts being made, lessons being rendered and adventures happening not harvest its totality into a book others can enjoy. So; at the end of the day, I promote transcendence. Before transmutation can occur, we have to devour the knowledge."

A 'Must Have' eRead for Bold Women Who Wish To Invoke Their Deepest Potential.



Michelle (main character) is a natural-birthed, wide-eyed, Hawai'ian delight. As a dancing toddler she hosts a strong frequency and sublime talent for observation. Though Michelle began uttering ancient wisdoms, (oddly) she slowly commits to selective mute’ism by age 5. As a teenager, Michelle (SHORTY) and her besty from the SAN DIEGO DANCE ACADEMY dance their way onto a world-recognized stage. The syndicated performance is where the speechless teen debuts god-like powers unlike anything the modern world has ever witnessed. Michelle's troop reaches 4 young ladies as they perform dance routines and end their sets assisting Michelle's demonstrations that baffle and defy physics and reality. Shorty champions the unleashed power of the feminine divine. The miraculous one starts an all-female sorority of spirit sciences Family of Light Kindred Sororities - or "F.O.L.K.S." for short. From raising the dead and galactic flight, governments (and the Church) are forced to take notice and consider see her as a threat to traditional religion and established (deep state) agenda. In efforts to control the miraculous, Michelle proves to be much more-- immortal-- a god. Michelle is INEFFABLE. Prepare for an emotionally-charged thrill ride of enlightenment.


EXPLICIT WARNING: Chapter No.13 (Makalesi 3.0) Advisory:
Although it brief, a section of reading herein contains detailed/explicit sexual content that will be unsuitable for non-mature readers. 

- Absolutely Free -
MEET ANUHEA’ [pronounced: ah-nu-way-uh']

            1997 is a great year to vast in the ALOHA city of Honolulu. Hawaiian culture is at its peak of intermingling ripeness. The scene is saturated with a wide variety of fast-food chains where celebrity concerts are periodically held at the nationally-recognized Aloha Stadium. Although there`s a mixture of mingling cultures cohabitating here, the sound of ukulele struts sound across beach sands louder than any portable radio. The air is crisp and gives host to constant traffic of passenger planes. The tourist-filled behemoths seem to fly unreasonably low and oddly close enough for the logos on their tails to be easily identified. Small and big motor vehicle types frequent [both] the newly paved streets and daintily paved pathways. Most of the vehicles in this area host engines that putt-putt along slightly louder than when they rolled off their mainland assembly lines. KALUA PORK is the process of pork that has been slow roasted under banana leaves while underground. Although it contends with CHICKEN KATSU to be paired with sticky rice, both are among the most desired entrée’s on most dining tables here. We begin amidst a utopia of aloha sea breezes, plush vegetation and tall coconut trees that sway at free will. Geckos are everywhere and have long proven to be a welcomed nuisance. The local residents seem to invite them onto any indoor/outdoor surface they could cling to. Young children enjoy the harmless little lizards because they'd figured out a way to anger them just enough to cause them to bite and clamp down on their earlobes. They’ve found that this causes the geckos to dangle ever so heroically from pinched earlobes as green jewelry.
            Here we meet a young woman by the name of Anuhea' Fabienne Ryu. Although her physique is slender and begging for affection, Anuhea' is a 20yr-old virgin who (only until now) had no interest in dating. This local beauty is a smiley, jovial type that stands about 5-feet, 9-inches tall. She has an exceptionally clear walnut-colored complexion that enjoys being kissed by the sun. Anuhea is a beautiful, young soft spirit who had previously been a proud “B” student where she'd previously attended Waipahu Community High School. The pride of this accomplishment is still with her. Her dark brown hair is often pulled tight and collected into a large brown banana clamp before it free falls exposing her natural deep waves down through the small of her back. Anuhea' has never experienced in depth with makeup. She only relied on neutral colored lip balms to satisfy her desire to feel “girly”. She's a relatively simple individual by most reasonable standards. Her smile is vibrant. One of Anuhea’s most compelling characteristics is how much she`s content with not knowing who is who on popular television shows. She is her own starlet. No one has ever heard Anuhea' raise her voice-- especially not to defend any argument. If she needs to get someone's attention (who is a distance away), she uses a talent she has to manufacture a loud whistle. It`s a distinctive whistle that`s very much her own. Anuhea’ is otherwise naturally quiet and reserved. The gorgeously bronze beauty is a dreamer who spends a lot of her leisure time on a small bed with a book to read. Anuhea' is content and has yet to explore to far from her comfort zone. During her alone time, she ponders fictional characters for every facet of a life she dreams about. There’s no doubt about the measure of aloha coursing through her veins. Hawaii is an exciting corner of the world. Brisk winds plow over fast-food eateries, motorized toys and handheld gadgets. An array of flip-flops and young people who wear hair coloring are of self-expressions that never fail to entertain friendly people such as Anuhea'. Although Anuhea appreciates people for being expressing themselves through trends, she doesn't mind being her own movie starlet. At one point, the tender Hawaiian teen visited a popular *UNDER21 dance club. Two of her friends from high school (at the time) accompanied her. Anuhea'  dreadfully recalls that night by explaining how the loud music, cigarette smoke and constantly bumping into the shoulders of strangers only made her wish for a retreat into her quiet bed. As it turns out, party scenes are not her idea of “time well spent”. Anuhea' gets along wonderfully with her mother. Her absentee father hasn`t been around during the years this young lady has been coming into her own opinion of the world. Anuhea' is comfortably unbiased about it. It`s difficult to miss someone that hasn't been an emotional part of her childhood. She often utilizes public transportation to visit her aunt in Honolulu where she helps out at the swap meet there. While she was recently visiting, Anuhea' amused herself to apply for a small job as a hostess at a pancake house down the street from where her Aunt lives. She'd only recently graduated from high school so, the idea of earning any wage and self-dependency was too much of a big deal to pass by. Although the pancake house is a distance from her high school community, she answered the exciting call of syrup and fruit topping duty. She moves in with her Aunty and now Anuhea' finds herself estranged from most of her teenage routines that included frequent beach gatherings or mall hopping with her girlfriends. Honolulu is a new community for her. Friends would have to be made all over again. Well, aside from a few co-workers she enjoyed on the clock. Her new life is shaping up and it`s much easier now to help her aunt at the local swap meet. It`s conveniently located just walking distance from their small apartment building. Her aunt faithfully rented a space on Saturdays to sell handmade Polynesian style jewelry and trinkets of sorts. They both had an appreciation for watching the foot traffic of pedestrians visiting the different venues. Every Saturday when it was time for Anuhea' to leave, she'd first stop to visit her favorite lot. It`s a larger rented lot that uses a series of hanging blue tarps (as a roof) that protect vast rows of organically grown produce. The beautiful islander has never had a problem offering 30-45minutes of her day to browsing this space for her weekly supply of juicing and smoothie ingredients. She always picks carefully through the fresh fruits and vegetables-- squeezing and nurturing her selections. The produce never held their same seats from one weekend to the next, but Anuhea' knew the names of every one. She long figured out which ones would complement each other when blended into a smoothie and which preferred to be juiced. The supervisors that run this lot have grown familiar with Anuhea' showing up about this time every Saturday on her way home towards the community her and her aunt reside in. Anuhea' is content to be working at the pancake house and helping at the swap meet. Modest ventures for a modest wage for her modest goals. 
            It`s Anuhea's second anniversary at the local pancake house. She figures two years have served her well enough living with her aunt so she decides to finally set out and achieve having her own set of apartment keys. It`s a great year to try something new. Why not? A young 22yr old with her own apartment would finally help her to establish the kind of social life that'd allow her to invite friends home for smoothies and board games. Not quite what she'd seen on television for girls her age, but Anuhea' isn't inspired by television like how most other young woman are being influenced by it. She simply wants her own keys. Something else she could say she accomplished. 
            “Aunty, I'd like my own apartment. It`s nothing personal. I'd like to decorate like I enjoy decorating my room. I'd aim for it to be within walking distance from here. Is that o.k.?” 
            “Of course it`s ok, my dear. You have the desires of a reasonable young woman burning inside you. GO!”
            It`s later in the week and Anuhea' has already searching the immediate area for vacancies. With no prior rental credit, she knew she couldn't expect any landlord to throw her keys. She had to be patient. Although her searching was fairly brief, her excitement for having her own apartment made her search seem stretched. A landlord finally gave Anuhea' the chance she needed. These particular complex shares her Aunt's neighborhood. It`s safe, full of practical amenities and had no history of serious crimes. The only unruly behavior familiar to these residents is the occasional preteen romper-- usually between neighborhood friends whose' arguing caused echoes to sweep through the quiet alleyways. Push scooters are very popular here and from time to time they're mistakenly misidentified. This is because most of them share the same company color schemes and insignia. This occasionally led to  accusations of swapping and misunderstandings about ownership. Other than that, this area is ideal for Anuhea' to establish some independence and host a future family. It resembles “ole" Hawai'i, which is a world apart from the more western styled community of Waipahu where her mother resides. 

            Today is an exciting day. Anuhea' gets to move into the small 2nd floor abode that’s situated directly across from her aunt’s complex. It`s small, but it has a beautiful view out the bedroom window (like most anywhere on this part of the island). There`s not much inside the 1-bedroom unit. After setting a knick-knack here and placing some decor there, Anuhea' is settled in within hours of being handed her first set of keys. The kitchenette appliances are standard, slightly outdated and stood quiet except for the smoothie machine she'd brought with her. They were purchased a year earlier at the swap-meet. She found all the elbow room she needed in her small kitchen for spreading out her produce and cutting board. Her mother and her aunty would suggest that the reason Anuhea' loved to juice so much is because she didn`t enjoy cooking with heat. To her, creating fruit and veggie smoothies felt like an easier type of cooking. Sure, she'd occasionally go for some LOCAL'MOCO or boil water for noodles, but she really enjoyed the endless possibilities, and creative squandering of juicing. In Anuhea's bedroom is a queen size bed set with a set of sturdy night stands. One of the end tables held a simple alarm clock. On the other stand perched a large pink crystal. It`s a rose colored, natural rock that she had found at the swap meet for $40. Her favorite color is pink; so after passing this large stone week after week, she had decided it would be a nice accent to how she would theme her bedroom later. Well, that time has come.  
            “I like it. I like it a lot. How can I not? It`s as beautiful as Hawaii.”
             It’s such a simple gesture. Yet it serves her pride well for being a crowning validation. This space is officially her own. In this community there`s no real need for a motor vehicle license. ...At least not for this active young local. Perhaps it’s the island vibration and greenery everywhere the eye focuses that distracts most from thinking about the DMV. Or maybe it’s the single street giving pedestrians access to a growing commerce of shops, motels and restaurants that dis-associates any desire to  drive. Life is good. Aloha is alive. 

            This particular weekend (several weeks later), Anuhea' finished helping her aunt at the swap meet early. She heads in the direction of her favorite produce lot. After she made her selections (satisfied and pondering new recipes), she heads for home content. It hadn't begun to dawn yet, so the town is still bright and the weather is savory. As she began to hum to herself, she`s approached by a semi-confident young man-- about her same age. He offers Anuhea' a smile while making an obvious attempt not to crowd her. He speaks softly.  
            “Aloha! I'm Michael… Michael Oshun.” 
            “Aloha. My name is Anuhea'. …Anuhea' Amalu.” she replies, mocking him, smiling.
            Michael`s groomed well enough for any corporate setting, but it`s the singe of smoke from an angry bar-b-Q pit that suggests where he was before this moment. It wakes Auhea’s belly up indeed. Michael smiles back to signify how he caught onto her friendly mockery. She first notices how perfect his teeth are complimenting his complexion [slightly darker than her own]. Michael is easy on the eyes, healthy and it`s obvious he spends a lot of time on the surf. His tan placements mocked him for his time waiting for the next wave. She figures he's about her same age and has seconds to diagnose his intentions. This meeting is in view of everybody so she felt free to rule out anything she should be concerned about. There are plenty of people around and all she could sense is the generosity of genuine aloha spirit. Michaels hospitality must be making the spirit of ole' Hawaii proud. Knowing how shy she tends to get around new people-- Anuhea' appreciates Michael's straight forward approach. Inwardly, she`s admiring him for his friendly boldness.
             You must live nearby. I've noticed you walking this same path before. It`s not far from where I take my work break.”
             By this statement, Anuhea' concluded that Michael is educated. She's thinking he'd probably been a “B” student.
            “I work just over there.” he says as he points to the popular local diner down the street.
            It`s a growing fast food chain where local favorites are on  the simple menu. 
            “Oh, ok” is her short answer as she stumbles a bit.
            “I can help you with those bags if you want?”
            She didn`t hesitate as she handed over two bags. One of which struggled to contain small melons.
            “I live just a short ways away. Thank you, Michael.”
            Saying his name is a friendly gesture of appreciation. She also wants to assure him that the melons wouldn't get too heavy before they had arrived. Anuhea' makes small talk about her love for different smoothies as they walked the 10-minute route to Anuhea's 2nd floor apartment. Michael`s chit-chat is about miscellaneous things like surfing and high beach endeavors. He figured he'd talk to her as if he already knew her. Nothing too personal is asked between them. He assisted Anuhea’s bags up a flight of stairs and set them down just inside her apartment door. 
            “Well… I'll see you around, Anuhea'.”
            All Anuhea' has time to respond with is her smile before the gentleman turns back towards the staircase. He leaves without making any spectacle of dispersing. It turns out Michael is a man with a sincere heart. There was no reason to suspect he has any hidden agenda. In this area of town, he's adored as a brother-type to most the local girls his age. He'd stop flirting with them long ago. Apparently, it grew awkward trying to flirt with girls that know you so well. Still, he longs for love and companionship, but Michael is a victim of his own kindness. He's definitely attracted to Anuhea', but he knowing he'd see her again there`s no reason or need to rush into a thousand questions. Anuhea' would later come to find out that Michael is known for his kind nature. He's a harmless young man that has never made any enemies. However, she is wrong about him “probably being a B student”. He was an honorable “A” student in his community high school. Unlike his slightly younger brother, Michael always envisioned himself proudly serving the armed forces like his (late) father. Michael is the son of a half Samoan/half Fijian woman who met, fell in love and married an African-Americanized man who served in the U.S. Army. They'd met 17yrs ago at a recreation center party on the ALIAMANU Military Reservation. It`s properly nicknamed “THE CRATER” because this housing development is literally situated inside a crater on Oahu. Five  years previous to now, Michael's father suffered an unfortunate training accident that claimed his life and two other soldiers. He left behind his wife and their children, Michael and his younger brother Kevin. The widowed family was left to return to Hawaii and press on. His mother had recovered and remarried a respectable local man that loved Michael's family very much. Michael and his family had been stationed on the mainland before (as dependents) three times in three different states. This is why he has always been so inspired to join the U.S. Army. Michael has always been anxious to graduate from his high school. He loved his late father and respected how the military service allowed service members to travel.  
            Michael and Anuhea' did meet again. Naturally a courtship between them began and the two are off to a great start. The town's people often see them together while browsing the shops and enjoying each other's company. They never held back showing their joy and appreciation for one another's opinion. It isn't long before his friends became her friends and the friends they now share started referring to them as “each other's significant other”. Where's your girlfriend? and “Where's your boyfriend?” have become the new standard of inquiry when the other was out of sight. Neither of them minded it at all. 

            It`s been nine weeks now and the two love birds are more than comfortable holding hands-- even adored for its sincere presentation. Their public displays of affection are modest. Their hand-in-hand affection is adored for its innocent presentation. It`s not possessive or overboard. It`s innocently obvious that neither of the two have ever entertained a serious love interest before. This is a new feeling for them both. Michael has an idea. 
            “I want to introduce you to a favorite fat burner of mines, Nunu. You like to laugh, so I'm positive you`re going to enjoy this almost as much as I enjoy you.” He confirms as Anuhea' blushes.
            “The rules are simple. Be silly, get goofy and don't stop dancing.” 
            Anuhea' responds with an Oh, gosh, but her smile is saying let's do this.  What she'd soon find out is what Michael already knew. It`s not surprising that dancing while laughing always proves to be a real challenge. It often snowballs into gut busting, eye tearing embarrassment. He had selflessly figured it'd be a great way for them to hear each other's loudest laughs and get a quick workout. Michael tunes the radio to a popular up-tempo music station. The two stand on their feet only inches from each other when the next song starts. The dance-off commences. Michael dances with no regard that his movements be sexy or accomplished. For Anuhea’, the silliness takes a couple moments to kick into full gear. In contrast to Michael's flopping around, her attempts to hold back and be cute are obvious. The smiles have turned into laughing. Michael never stops dancing while he's laughing at how Anuhea's hair is jumping around in front of him. He's laughing because he's noticing Anuhea' studying her feet. She's concentrating on her leg movements when she looks up and now notices Michael is watching her. This embarrassed her and causes her to laugh abruptly harder. She couldn't stop dancing so she had to keep moving while she laughed through the embarrassment. Rules are rules. The 5-minute jam is now a laughing torture. Both Michael and Anuhea's dance moves are totally uncoordinated and are making absolutely no sense. This is the magic that turned this into what Michael planned it to be. They're both laughing tearfully at how quick this escalated into what would be a total embarrassment in front of anyone else. The song finally ends their torture and they both collapse on the couch. It takes several minutes to giggle away the goofiness and catch their breath. 
            “Oh, my god! That was so much fun… And that was only one song.”
            Michael is slightly out of breath as he wipes away his tears and manages to get a sentence out.
            “Imagine two songs, or even three!”
            They calmed themselves and hug on each other. Over the next few days, even mentioning this moment created laughing amongst them.
            Needless to say, this became a normal regimented routine in the apartment as insurance for a good gut busting time. Michael is turning out to be a genius at creating memories that make life worthy of living-- moments making him worthy of Anuhea's deepest love. The two love birds are thriving, smiling and loving life. The next few weeks are like any other. Their bond is growing stronger-- causing them to become inseparable.  
            “Let's spend this weekend alone on the beach. No friends allowed. What do you think?” he asks.
            “That sounds like fun Michael. There`s plenty of shops and amenities on the beach sand, so we wouldn't have to carry much. Yes. Let's do it.”
            When they arrived, Anuhea' found a nice spot on the sands of Waikiki where she spreads the oversized beach towels down. The gorgeous waves and breaking surf are in a rhythm that begs for naked toes and splashing children. Here, the two hard workers are resting with their bodies facing each other. Their heads are tilted and respectively for watching the surfers in the water achieve their tans. Anuhea' just finished explaining a small observation when she notices she`s no longer hearing Michael “being Michael”. She turned her head (to face him) and her eyes lands directly into his gaze. He's looking at her. This isn't just any look. It`s much deeper. She caught him penetrating her soul in a blissful state of awareness. As Michael gazes intensely into Anuhea's eyes, the intensity did not yield. Anuhea' immediately answered his pure focus with a dreamy gaze of her own. It`s intentionally willing, but unintentionally out of her control. She's (not only) being invited, but her deepest being is escorted into the same portal of heartfelt awareness Michael's allowing himself to submit unto. This is a timeless moment. Caught up in each other's eyes-- they're no longer two people on a beach. They're two pieces of pure consciousness that has stepped into complete awareness. There`s an unsaid vibration here that desires to appreciate the other. An awareness so aware, that it itself is aware. This moment is allowed to linger unchallenged because it`s in control. The term “soul-mates” undermines the refinement this moment is accomplishing for these two souls. The waves and the world are no longer here. This is two souls enjoying coexistence in one of many dimensions. The eye-to-eye love affair is finally interrupted by Anuhea's bashfulness and she looks away from his eyes with a smile on her face. As she loiters in the joy that overwhelmed her, somehow six seconds was more than efficient for one million “I love you's” to be exchanged. The two knew they'd briefly shared a single intent. Perhaps they had glanced into their future. It all signified telling each of them “we are now one” from the deepest realms of themselves-- nothing that needed to be spoken aloud about it. Instead, they just sat for a moment and smiled to themselves. This is the type of chemistry lovers should seek that binds. Such a moment is sponsored by pure awareness that lovers [so often] miss out on. …A rare stillness that forces colloquial understandings into spiritual experiences.
            “Let's go for a quick splash!” Michael asks Anuhea.
            She's happy to comply because Anuhea’ has yet to regret going along with Michaels ideas or suggestions. They swim the shallows until they became hungry and head back to town.
            “Thank you again for taking me, babe'.”
            “You don't have to thank me Nunu''.
            "It was my pleasure. You're my pleasure.”
            “I know. I… I just thank you for being who you are. You deserve spoken gratitude.” 
            By this time, Anuhea's pet name had already been established as Nunu'. Her aunt has met the young gentleman and is already familiar with his noble family who runs the LOCAL-MOCO eatery.
            “I knew I recognized him. He's a graceful, respectful and deserving young man.” Aunty expresses.
            She really appreciates his respect for Anuhea's shy nature. Auntie also notices how Michael only occasionally kisses Anuhea’ conservatively on the cheeks. Although it was never made official, they're officially a young, healthy, vibrant couple. Although they never talk about it, naturally (inwardly) they’re excited about how and when the first time they'd embrace each other in the art of intercourse. How would turn out? Anuhea' often wonders how she'd refrain from laughing during their first time. It`s a real concern because they've really built a strong *laughing bond amongst themselves. Anuhea' suspects it wouldn't fit during any serious attempt to be sexually intimate. Her solution has been to practice being sensual whenever she was alone. There`s nothing in the world this young woman desires more than for Michael to feel comfortable connecting to her femininity -– whenever such a magical time would came. (Interesting enough) Anuhea' has no idea that Michael shares some of the same concerns. He knew the pain [all too well] of romantic approaches being awkward. Michael also knows he's in love with his Nunu'-- with everything in him.
            “I'd love for you to be my whole life Nunu.”
            Anuhea' laughes and hugges Michael before she playfully correctes him.
            “...You mean your wife.”
                        They smile.

            It is several weeks later. Michael notices that his scheduled days off are not in line with Anuhea's family commitment.
            “I'd like to do something special with you this weekend. Can you call in sick from the swap meet this Saturday Nunu'?” 
            Anuhea' laughs because she figures he's obviously alluding to asking her aunt for dismissal.
            “I'd like to take you to Diamond Head Peak. I hear that climbing it is a good challenge.”
             Anuhea' wrapped her arms around his waist.
            “You sure know how to choose beautiful ways of passing time my love. I adore your spontaneity.”
            Diamond Head is a popular crater-trail that attracts thousands of tourists annually. Its peak sits somewhat high above sea level. Oahu found it as profitable as it is an adventurous way to admire Hawaii's open fresh air and tree tops of forestry. As the two arrive at the summit, tourists are standing around anxiously organizing their permits and equipment. They seem to be happily optimistic and as excited as the locals here. It isn't the hike that’s causing the two to tingle with smiley faces, it`s their sheer joy and appreciation for spending time together. There`s a sense of appreciation for being away from familiarity. Anuhea' and Michael are blissfully intertwined and they (though unspoken) understand this. This is a tour obviously poised and ready to assist these young smiles further into each other’s hearts and minds. As everybody assembles into a small group, plenty of energy bars, bottled water and aloha spirit is eager to tag along with so many faces from so many different places.  
            “When we reach the top; let's carve our names into something. I have a pocket knife on me. We'll scratch deep into something defenseless. Cool?”
            “OK. Sounds good to me.” Anuhea' replies in a neutral tone.
            While on the trail, they chat about how long the tour guide will let them perch at the top and what they'd etch-- into something permanent when they arrived. Half way up the hike, they noticed a crowd of hikers (a part of an earlier group) gathered, resting and applauding as they gazed upwards.
            “Wow,” Anuhea' says.
            She notices the beautiful waterfall before Michael does. It arched and fell 40ft into a deep body of water. But that isn't the cause for their applause. The applause is for the native cliff jumpers (obviously) designated to put on a fantastic show. Six men are taking turns jumping over the cliff and into the body of water. They're dressed in traditional Polynesian style grassy attire fit for swimming. Someone could make the argument that it`s always impressive to see anything jumping off natural cliffs into natural waters. It`s a rest stop that allows mainland tourists to enjoy this kind of artistry and take pictures. And impressive this viewing is. As they reached the peak; they see a huge boulder that's as big as a small automobile. Half of the group perch on it for a minute for catching their breath.
            “It feels good to be resting off our feet. It only took an hour to get here.”
            After taking ten minutes to appreciate the 360-degree view being offered at 760 feet above sea level, they decide to scratch a memory in a huge boulder-- just like they had planned to.
            “Ok, here we go. You wanna' do it Nunu'?
            “No. I want you to do it. Whatever you write will be fine with me.”
            As Michael carefully chose a starting point, Anuea' is already laughing inside. She knows how Michael can be about details. She chose to read it aloud as he scratched the rock.
            “Anuhea' plus + Michael Y2K”. Awe! It`s beautiful.”
            She's noticing how he wrote her name before his own. He's definitely a gentleman. It`s a gesture that's absolutely worthy of the ALOHA winds.
They just sit-- taking in the fresh, scenic, Hawaiian breeze. 
            “I often fantasize that we're both living on the mainland. Just the three of us. And...”
            “The three of us?” Anuhea' interrupts.
            “Yes. We'll be a tri-fecta' after we have our baby.
            She constantly dreamed similarly, so she`s only (in reality) asking him to indulge her with the details. After they enjoyed the view, they descend to the starting juncture and head for home. Climbing DIAMOND HEAD has proved to be time well spent and a journey worth stepping into.



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